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Do you want professional hardwood flooring services? We are ready to provide services for all of your residential and commercial hardwood flooring needs. We take the time to understand each of our customer’s unique needs.

We work with you from the construction and material characteristics to the planks’ color and pattern design. We provide a variety of services for those interested in new hardwood floors and services for those who need refinishing or repairs.

Our expert technicians are trained to troubleshoot and offer expert evaluations for all types of hardwood floor situations. We provide the following services to all of our valued customers:

If you are thinking about the installation of new hardwood floors, we have you covered. We can offer you various options, including a light, medium, and heavy option for wide plank flooring. The light option emphasizes the natural qualities of the wood while reducing the texture. As you move to the heavier option, the texture of the wood increases.


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Some of these textures include hand-scraped, bandsawn, and cerused When using the hand-scraped technique, it adds a rustic look to any room. The bandsawn texture looks similar to reclaimed wood and can invoke feelings of the wild west.

Cerused is a method involving two different colors. The first color is a lighter tone to enhance the grain and the second color is a darker tone to contrast the lighter tone. A wire brush is used to open the wood grain when using this technique.

While offering a variety of textures, we also provide a variety of stains and topcoats, including polyurethane, Tung oil, and water-based stains. Polyurethane can be either oil or water-based. The water-based product results in a lighter color and keeps the original color of the hardwood.

When exposed to air, Tung oil hardens, which creates a top layer that almost looks wet when dry. Our water-based product will provide rich and dark colors because it tends to have high-quality pigments. Give us a call today continue reading about all of the hardwood floors services we provide.