Hardwood Floor Repair


Our professionals can quickly fix most minor damage to hardwood floors. One of the most common issues associated with hardwood floors is split or cracked wood. As wood ages, it can develop small splits and cracks in the surface.

Sometimes, these cracks and splits can be fixed by refinishing the floor. However, sometimes hardwood floor repair Tampa is necessary. You will need to replace the entire plank if the wood is badly split or cracked.

Another common issue is gaps develop between the planks. Mother Nature is typically to blame when these gaps appear. When wood is wet, it will expand. However, when the wood is dry, it will shrink. As we move from one season to the next, hardwood planks expand and contract multiple times.

If you notice gaps, it probably just requires you to wait until the weather and humidity changes. However, if the gaps are persistent and do not go away, you can schedule an appointment, and we can tighten up the floor to fix the issue.

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Some people may confuse buckling with gaps. Buckling is when a plank has become warped and lifts from the subflooring. If you notice this issue, our expert hardwood floor installers can help identify the problem’s root cause. Once the issue is identified, we will ensure that your planks are attached firmly to the subfloor.

Tampa hardwood floors can also experience sagging, which can be a severe issue for the homeowner. Sagging typically indicates a severe water or moisture issues. At the first sign of warping or sagging, the hardwood floors need attention.

Most people think that warping comes from faulty hardwood or improper installation. However, this assumption is incorrect. Distortion results from a much larger moisture issue in the home and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Give us a call today for more information about hardwood floor repair.