Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Hardwood floors are an excellent way to add beauty and value to your home. These types of floors are durable and natural, which means they can last a lifetime. At Hardwood Floor Refinishing Buffalo NY, we take our floors seriously.

Refinishing hardwood floors Buffalo NY is necessary when wear and tear cause damage that takes away from the flor’s natural beauty. Over time scuffs and scratches on the hardwood floor can cause an individual to think about replacing the floor.

However, with hardwood floor refinishing Buffalo NY, you can simply sand and refinish the floors to restore them to their natural beauty. Hardwood floor refinishing Buffalo provides homeowners with a wide array of benefits besides restoration.


Sometimes, a damaged floor can be harmful to the people living in the home. For example, a hardwood floor that is splintering can lead to splinters in your child’s foot as well as other serious injuries. A dip in the floor can also become a safety issue if someone trips. When you call us, we will repair and refinish your hardwood floor addressing most potential safety hazards before they become significant issues.

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Another excellent benefit of Buffalo hardwood floor refinishing is closing all craters and crevices that are a welcoming environment for pests. Termites, ants, and other unwanted pests love the pockets of decay that can be found in damaged hardwood floors. Refinish hardwood floors Buffalo NY removes these pockets and protects the floor from invasive pests from invading in the future.


Wood floor refinishing Buffalo NY will restore your floor’s elegant and classic design. Your floors will shine like new. Over the years, patterns change and become discontinued. When you refinish your hardwood floors, it restores the natural design, which makes those floor unique. Unique floors are an excellent conversational piece as well as a focal point when selling your home.


One of the best benefits of hardwood floors is their durability. Hardwood floors can handle years of wear and tear. However, wear and tear do require wood floor refinishing Buffalo to extend the floor’s lifespan dramatically. Refinishing wood floors also reduces the necessity of a total floor replacement. Our experts can provide expert advice to determine when the floor is ready for a replacement instead of refinishing.


Even though hardwood floors are durable, they will age and become damaged. However, even with age and damage, your hardwood floors can still be refinished instead of replaced. It is more affordable to hire a professional to refinish your floors than it would be to replace the floors. Our experts can complete the job efficiently and within your personal budget while keeping your amazing hardwood floors’ integrity.


Refinishing will increase the overall value of your home when you sell it. Potential buyers love refinished floors that gleam. New and shiny wooden floors are beautiful, which draws in the potential purchasers. With a buyer draw like refinished floors, you can set a high price for the home.

Water Test

Another tremendous benefit of refinishing your hardwood floors is they are sealed well. After our professional has completed the refinishing, you can complete a water test. You can pour a tablespoon of water on the hardwood floor. If the water pulls into droplets without entering the wood, you know your floor is sealed well. If not, give us a call, and we will fix it right away.


Stains are a part of life that can easily damage hardwood floors. It is almost impossible to prevent stains from happening entirely. A realistic maintenance plan is the best course of action against staining. With hardwood floor refinishing, you can remove all of the stains at the same time. Once the stains are removed, you can begin with your maintenance plan to ensure stains do not come back.

These items are just a few of the excellent benefits associated with refinishing hardwood floors. The best way to refinish your floors is by utilizing a professional company like ours. We are experts in our field and can handle all of your refinishing needs. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.